Real-time System Integration

Businesses need the right data at the right time. They need immediate access to information to meet competitive demands. Most companies use disparate systems to maintain different domains of business such as accounting, CRM, inventory system, etc.

Technigent’s system integration services focus on solving issues caused by using different systems and reduce the risk of taking delayed or wrong business decisions.

Advantages of system integration

  • Increased access to data.
  • Central pool of key business data.
  • Improved uptime
  • Transfer of information at stipulated intervals.

Why Technigent?

  • Our certified and experienced team has the right skills to integrate systems.
  • We have a team-driven approach wherein the business analyst first understands the exact requirement and current business processes. Based on the analysis, a solution is proposed.
  • We take agile approach while developing the solution where we consistently keep the client informed about the development progress taking along the feedback received by the client.
  • We scale teams as required to enable smooth and faster development.
  • Our entire project management process is focused on building a solution with precision and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • TECHNIGENT has experience in integrating 3rd party applications/software with your existing applications or web portals.
  • We can help you integrate software/platforms like Ecommerce apps like Ariba, collaboration platforms like SharePoint, Mortgage applications like Calyx Point, or CRM engines like SalesForce, and so on, to your existing system.
  • We can even help you create a system that can further help you to collect data from various sources and efficiently manage/track/monitor your information you receive from various applications.

TECHNIGENT’s experience in providing system integration solutions

Real-Time Billing System Integration Solutions

A company managing usages and billings of multiple wireless companies was managing a large amount of information manually which introduced several issues and made the entire process time consuming. TECHNIGENT assisted the company in streamlining their large amount of information by creating integrated central system for reporting, administrating and monitoring purpose. With a unified billing solution the company benefitted enormously as the new features enabled them to manage billing process along with proper logging of failed records.

Real-Time Financial System Integration Solutions

An online financial trading company required a mobile application for trading stocks, search and monitor its transactions. TECHNIGENT assisted the company in developing an integrated system that read the data from different information sources and displayed it in desired format by creating native iOS and Android application allowing users to manage their stock portfolio right from their mobile devices. This enabled the client to provide mobility to the users which ultimately increased their reach to a wider audience.

Real-Time Auto System Integration Solutions

A large-scale used car dealership and auto repair service company lacked a central system from where they could lodge customer and service information which was manually fetched from various terminals installed at different locations. TECHNIGENT assisted the client with a scalable and secure solution. The new system offered an improved customer relationship management with automated service reminders and alerting system.

Real-Time Mortgage System Integration Solutions

A loan and mortgage company was using software to collect loan information and required a solution through which they could efficiently process loans and manage client information. TECHNIGENT integrated their existing Calyx system and imported the data to a new portal solution that offered enhanced features and workflows to efficiently process loans. The new system streamlined and automated the loan process and also encouraged increased efficiency and productivity of workforce.

Real-Time Fuel Management System Integration Solutions

A leading fuel management and consulting company across the USA found it difficult to collect, calculate and analyze data received from different fuel management company in different formats. TECHNIGENT developed an integrated system to import fuel transactions from client’s existing system to a new intranet solution. The new system replaces manual collecting, analyzing and reporting data with an automated system saving time of valuable resources. Customized Business Intelligence showed key reports like fuel costs saved by division, location, date range and merchant and whether the savings were on diesel or gasoline.

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