Electronic Medical Records Solutions

Electronic Medical Records Solutions

An EMR system helps healthcare establishments in organizing medical records along with various benefits like –

  • Streamlining and customizing practices
  • Efficiently scheduling appointments and planning day-to-day activities
  • Improve patient care and be more responsive to patients
  • Manage and access clinical documents and case histories whenever necessary
  • Reduce time and energy of administrative staff that is spent on organizing patient information, managing insurance claims or maintaining medical histories
  • Increase security of all medical information

Features of EMR

Patient record management

  • Improves your customer relationship process by tracking patient information and automating patient interactions that would otherwise be performed by administration staff.
  • Patient look-up for due checkups and option to automatically send them reminders for visit.
  • Automated follow-up messaging to patients so they don’t miss appointments

Appointment scheduling

  • Improves patient experience
  • Reduces wait-time of patients
  • Doctors can plan and schedule work efficiently.

Clinical record management

  • Automatically records and updates detailed history of medical records
  • Secure accessibility from anywhere
  • Helps patients not to carry and maintain their medical reports
  • Complete clinical case record including diagnosis, treatment as well as medications
  • Reduced hassles of managing medical reports


  • Saves the amount time and energy of staff and reduces errors in communicating with insurance companies by automating the process.
  • 24x7 payment status reports

Insurance claim processing

  • Maintains insurance company details
  • Insurance details can be populated at the time of patient registration
  • Provides easy claims management
  • Provision for claim generation at the time of billing.
  • Insurance-related reports for administrative use.

HIPAA Compliance

When it comes to maintaining the medical data of patients digitally, privacy and security are stressed more now than ever before.

Why Technigent?

Technigent has developed its own Electronic Medical Record framework designed for start-ups to large scale healthcare organizations.

It allows for easy, secure, accessible and reliable storage, retrieval as well as modification of patient medical records and information.

Focused on increasing collaboration among doctors, nurses and administrative staff, the framework is up to date with latest compliances and regulations like HIPAA (as per US standards)

The software is mobile phone compatible and maintained on a cloud.

Our EMR solution

Technigent offers a framework that can be customized and implemented for any practice, any clinic or any hospital.

Our Products

EMR Product - Mobiclinic

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