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Education is the key to the success of any organization.

However, spending exorbitantly on training and giving up precious work time to learning programmes is detrimental to any organization. A company needs a knowledgeable, flexible and cost-effective source that can provide real-time developmental training as per the learner’s (employee’s) convenience.

Technigent understands the importance of learning and strives to provide tailor-made solutions that impact behaviour and performance of an employee. It specializes in developing eLearning courses that are carefully designed to meet instructional outcomes in the short term and performance outcomes in the long term.

Our eLearning solutions provide time flexibility to learners and a common platform to share knowledge in real time. These solutions are cost-effective and provide freedom to every individual to learn at their own pace. With our eLearning platform in place, organizations benefit from the reduced material cost, lower instruction time and reduced training cost. Technigent also offers its expertise in the education sector with its advanced teaching process.

Our eLearning solutions for schools is designed to help teachers, students, staff and parents stay on track and collaborate better while reducing time, money and resources spent on regular operations.

How eLearning works


Education offered anywhere, anytime online with audio-visual effects and interactive tools and ability to rewind/forward the session and play as many times as they want.


Share knowledge with colleagues, team members and friends through social networks.


A common platform for educators and participants to ask questions, share information and discuss.


Educators can evaluate the progress of participants. Evaluation tools like graphs, list of results and reports are made available to them.


CMS and administrative features like content updation, visitor tracking, updating student records and managing schedules.

eLearning Solutions


Developed by a dedicated and expert team, Technigent’s eLearning programmes have been recognized for their superior instructional design and innovative use of technology.

We have sufficient experience in delivering need based solutions to various enterprises with our fully customizable eLearning platform.

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