eCommerce, mCommerce and eCatalog solutions

It’s the age of the internet and there is no reason for a business to be limited to its geography. Taking business online doesn’t just cut operational costs and increase the target audience; it makes things smooth and easier on all fronts.

An online existence gives the business an edge over local brick-and-mortar sellers and gives the brand the right visibility it deserves.

An eCommerce solution system helps track inventory, sales and orders all with a quick glance on the screen and makes a business’s entire product catalog accessible anywhere on the planet to prospective customers.

Mobile commerce helps consumers gain the freedom to shop from anywhere, anytime.

With the increasing number of smartphone users, every business is taking to mobile. Being mobile-first has become the very nature of the business today.

With a wider exposure time, businesses have the benefit of a new revenue channel opening up with mCommerce solutions.

eCommerce, mCommerce and eCatalog solutions

Why us?

Technigent adapts an open source eCommerce solution methodology to meet your needs.

We integrate with Microsoft Commerce Server, Microsoft SharePoint and more to build your eCommerce system. Our eCommerce platform has the ability to integrate with third party frameworks such as eBay or Ariba, enabling your customers to place orders within these sites.

Technigent is also capable of creating mobile applications that run on major platforms like iOS and Android.

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Client Testimonials

Testimonial“TECHNIGENT has been with us from the beginning and both of our companies have grown and benefited from the relationship. TECHNIGENT understands the needs of our business and we rely on them for the development, implementation, launch, and ongoing support of our IT projects. Thanks to TECHNIGENT, we have been able to offer products to our clients. We could not have done it internally without having to bring on more people. TECHNIGENT is reasonably priced and a pleasure to work with.”Testimonial

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