Tmetric – ERP solution for the Textile Industry

Tmetric is a scalable and customizable ERP system integrated with the existing business softwareto manage all support processes such as sales, purchase, inventory, and billing.

Regulation of material throughout the production cycle

Tmetric is an ERP solution developed for the textile industry. Major business processes like sales, purchase, production, inventory, finance, HR, etc. are integrated into a single solution that can be customized with the existing system in use. The inventory management module facilitates the user to plan, organize and control the flow of materials from their initial purchase through internal operations to the final product. Records of material elongation and shrinkage during order processing at item level and order level can be fed into the system for adequate material calculation. Users can track the amount of raw material used per item, final product inventory and inter-plant movement of stocks.

Take full control of your workflow

Tmetric offers a complete track of production from raw material to end product. Authorized users can place work orders and manage resources such as labor, machinery, and raw material. Also, the system sends timely alerts and notifications facilitating smooth functioning of processes and people. To ensure timely purchase of material, the system sends notifications and alerts to the purchase manager whenever quantities fall under the minimum or re-order level. The cleverly designed workflows reduce operational cost: fewer phone calls and paperwork are needed to communicate with the team.

Place purchase orders, calculate production activities, manage waste and more…

Users can place purchase orders and generate invoices from the system. A work order only gets completed upon recording the sales of waste. The waste management module helps track this waste and record income generated from the sales of waste material, keeping track of the full product flow. All activities and cost incurred in different departments for production activities are registered in one central repository. This facilitates automatic pre-calculation of production activities and expenses as well as accurate client quotations.

Tmetric has helped textile business owners in streamlining their operations as well as establishing better coordination among different departments. Production stops due to out of stock raw material have dropped drastically. A faster and better quotation process has decreased the response time to RFQ’s and improved the quality of quotations, with a higher conversion rate as a result.

Tmetric is flexible and can be customized as per client’s unique requirements. Contact our Sales Support to purchase this software or to obtain additional information.

Technologies Used

  • Asp.Net MVC

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  • Accurate calculation of materials and other production resources needed
  • Precise quotation for prospects and customers
  • Updated inventory of raw material and end products
  • Automated process alerts and notifications
  • Tracking and managing material waste


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