SmartTrade– Shop Management for Shopkeepers

SmartTrade is a product that facilitates shopkeepers to manage business inquiries, track and maintain inventory and provide quick post-sales support.

Easy access to supplier and customer data

SmartTrade is a solution for shopkeepers. The software manages the client inquiries from initial request to delivery and after sales. Admin users can create and manage their company details, multiple departments within the company and employees from those departments. They can organize supplier data like payment terms, shipping details and also customer data like contact details, shipping details, past order history, etc.

Effective Inventory management

Users maintain the inventory from the system. They have full insight in the inventory status of all the items they sell or produce, in stock or under production. When stock is low, they can generate and update work orders by converting inquiries with details like the scope of work, required finished goods and work status. It is also possible to place purchase orders with suppliers, manage and track the orders until delivery.

Management of pre-sale, sale and post-sale stages

With SmartTrade’s inquiry management system, business users can record queries made by their prospects or existing customers through online/offline modes, assign those interests to executives, track them, generate and send quotations for inquiries and forward timely follow-up emails or SMS from their system. The after sales process can be supervised which helps business users to raise tickets for customer complaints to resolve them efficiently. For this, they can store complaints and assign them to the concerned person, who can further diagnose the problem details.

With SmartTrade, our clients could increase their potential sales, avoid out-of-stock items, and quickly respond to client grievances. This ultimately led to fewer complaints and a higher number of happy customers.

SmartTrade is flexible and can be customized as per client’s unique requirements. Contact our Sales Support to purchase this software or to obtain additional information.

Technologies Used

  • Asp.Net MVC

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  • Effective enquiry management system.
  • Advance inventory management system.
  • Flexible as per business requirements.
  • Excellent post-sales support.


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