ProTracker - Building Site Management Solution for Construction

A solution that provides two applications, Time Clock and Field Reporter for managing and tracking manpower, budget, and payroll for a construction company.

All time and attendance related processes integrated

Our US based client has been active in the field of real estate construction for years. It has a proven track record in areas like commercial, institutional, industrial, and civil construction services. Our client was using multiple applications to handle time and attendance related processes. However, keeping these synchronized became a problem when it started ramping up operations. They were in need of a custom solution that would help them control budgets, payroll, and manpower. Additionally, they wanted the resolution to show work status and generate various high-level view reports on overall operations management.

Web & cloud integrated solution with two easy to use mobile apps

A web application along with mobile app was built for all registration and reporting functionality. To keep management as simple as possible and maximize the ease of use for employees, we decided to build two mobile apps - Time Clock and Field Reporter - that would work both on Android and iOS devices. Users can add and manage multiple sites and sub-sites simultaneously and control access to these. The system is well versed to perform time and cost estimation and track it on the timely basis. It is also used as a medium for site leaders to communicate conditions to the site foreman/superintendent.

Register everywhere, report centrally

Site leaders can input the estimated percentage of completion and determine the amount of work left to complete while the foreman can plan the entire project, compare action based on the project plan and tracks employees' daily work status. The software has, as a part of the payrolling functionality, a time-sheet feature to manage attendance and calculate wages from this data. The timesheet can be updated using the scan or manual punch. Users can generate various reports like Audit Trail, hour and quantity summary, balance sheet, etc. for analysis purposes.

The integrated solution fills in our client's budgeting, payroll management, and manpower tracking requirements. With this tool, the company can increase productivity, reduce overhead cost and collaborate better within the team. The client saves time, as it is no longer required to sync multiple applications anymore and always has latest information from the sites available. The solution increased the accuracy of their time and attendance tracking and helped boost staff productivity.

Technologies Used

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  • Mobile applications part of solution makes it accessible from anywhere, anytime.
  • Effective time and cost estimation.
  • Secure logging of hours spent and progress
  • Reports for better decision making.
  • Building Site Management Solution for Construction


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