MobiClinic – Clinic Data Management and Reference Guide Building Solution

MobiClinic is a customizable solution for doctors to managetheirclinic and store patients' details and case histories on a single platform.

Easy patient management

MobiClinic is a cross-platform EMR mobile application that helps doctors to keep track of appointments, case history, diagnosis, fees and other medical parameters. Patient information can be easily managed by the application, whether it is registering new patients or searching for old records.

Convenient storage and access to patient data

Doctors can record and distribute details like visits to the patient, referral information, services provided, diagnosis, procedures, medicines prescribed, and other medical information. The application consists of a unique feature that automatically incorporates details like common symptoms, prospective treatment, and medicines when multiple patients suffering from similar diseases are diagnosed.

Management and distribution of reports

Doctors can add, manage, and schedule patient’s appointments from the application. It also offers a calendar to record visits and events so doctors can have timely alerts to follow their schedule and never miss an appointment. Doctors can customize different reports including patient’s data, registration list, procedures, diagnoses, services performed, the total number of visits, unpaid visits and medication. Reports can be shared through email and printed using wireless printing.

MobiClinic is as a complete mobile application for managing patients, appointments and case histories for clinics and individual doctors. It increases the accessibility of old patients' records and case histories for study and research purpose. The application saves a lot of time and helps build a reference guide for future case study.

Mobiclinic is flexible and can be customized as per client’s unique requirements. Contact our Sales Support to purchase this software or to obtain additional information.

Technologies Used

  • Asp.Net MVC

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  • Effectively manage patients and their case histories.
  • Schedule and have track of appointments.
  • Get access to case histories whenever required.


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