CMS solution for Medical Research Organization

A customized CMS solution for dynamic medical research content management and information sharing for a premium medical research organization.

Customized content management solution for healthcare

The client is one of the oldest and largest medical science research organizations, formed by some of the most renowned institutes in the United States. The client needed a better way to share the vast knowledge and discoveries in an intuitive way. Over the years they have gathered a large library of creative content and needed a way to dynamically upload and update content and share it with the users. For this, a customized e-learning solution was derived.

Dynamically uploading and updating content

We developed an easy to use CMS enabled website for the management of research content, reviews and clinical dialogues. Features like audio & video streaming and downloadable transcripts allow users to subscribe to podcasts, create custom landing pages and other components to leverage the communication and understanding. Also users can easily upload content using a single XML file.

Continuous evaluation of activities taking place in web platform

The solution was developed using .NET, C# and SQL server combination. It includes a robust evaluation system, that helps administrators produce graphical reports to track and analyze website activity. This includes tracking of visited pages, content, workshops, podcasts and user’s submitted input through an interactive website.

With the customized e-learning solution, the communication between medical experts is greatly enhanced. The amount of shared research and discoveries has increased manifold and the web-traffic suggests that interaction has improved as well. Our client now has an easy to use, low maintenance collaboration platform that requires hardly any technical management.

Technologies Used

  • .Net
  • C#
  • SQL Server 2005

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  • Audio and video streaming
  • Custom landing pages
  • Easy upload of XML files
  • Easy tracking of visited pages and user submitted input


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