MDocs–Document Management System

Web-based Document Management System to store, label, retrieve, edit and share documents on any device, anywhere.

Retrieve, edit, store and share documents everywhere

Irrespective of the size, all businesses need to manage large volumes of documents in different forms, such as paper records, emails, USB drives, images, digital files, etc. To simplify this and help businesses store and retrieve information, Technigent developed MDocs. MDocs is a web-based Document Management System that helps users to store, retrieve, edit and share documents on the go.

Cloud based multi level document storage

The application supports in saving information in various forms like PDF, Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, etc. All the information can be stored at a single cloud location, which facilitates users to access them anytime, anywhere and from any device. The information is organized in a multi-level folder structure for hassle-free management. Users can read, update and print documents from any location.

Advanced features for searching and editing documents

The advanced search feature of the application helps in locating the necessary file easily and quickly. The app is compatible with OCR technology which facilitates users in editing PDFs on the go. The application enables users to discuss and chat with team members, assign tasks and efficiently collaborate and share documents with the team. In-built announcement and notification features help the entire team to be on the same page. Various reports, storage statistics, and user logs are available for efficient management of the system.

The solution simplifies and facilitates management and storage of voluminous documents. Single cloud location enables easy access while maintaining mobility. The integrated platform promotes delegation and cooperation within the team, while the OCR helps business users to view as well as edit PDFs.

MDocs is flexible and can be customized as per client’s unique requirements. Contact our Sales Support to purchase this software or to obtain additional information.

Technologies Used

  • .Net

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  • Easily label and store documents in the cloud
  • Advanced search options
  • Access and retrieve information everywhere on any device
  • Collaboration integration
  • OCR integration
  • Reports and user logs for efficient management


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