Local Time Display Application

An iOS application for displaying the current time by clicking on the world map

Location-based time teller

Our international client is a software and digital products provider. They required a solution which would allow users to find out what time it is anywhere in the world. The application is part of a solution our client needed.

Click the map to see the current time all over the planet

An iOS application was built for iPhone and iPad. The application enables users to touch a spot on the world map directly, and the app will show the current time of the specific location.

Favorites list for most visited locations

The application includes map integration and one-touch facility to show the current time in a selected country or city. The app consists of features like search country/city, zoom in/zoom out and automatically add most visited locations to the favorite list.

With the simple and user-friendly application, our client was able to add extra functionality and value to their product.

Technologies Used

  • iOS

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  • Map integration with one touch facility
  • Direct country/city search
  • Keeping most visited locations handy


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