Leadpod: Lead Management Solution for Events

An innovative mobile application for events and trade shows that helps retrieve attendee information on scanning their badge and registers lead information on the spot.

Hassle-free lead management on the spot

Our client provides events and tradeshows services like on/off event registration, lead retrieval, attendees tracking, etc. They were looking for a mobile solution for effective leads management, by retrieving visitor data ‘on the spot’ by scanning their badge and registering lead-related information directly after the stand visit. We developed ‘LeadPod’ to help our client in solving this problem. This innovative application turns iOS and Android devices into a lead management device.

Real-time data updates on the client portal

A host scans an event attendee’s badge with the device camera to capture their information on the spot. The application then syncs data with the server and displays the information on the device screen. All visits to the stand are loggedin the client portal. Based on the interaction with the visitor, a host can add notes, select standard qualifiers and edit the user’s information for the lead.

Interactive Dashboard can choose a winner from the registered visitors

The application also has a feature to select a winner for the event. The winner is randomly selected from the list of leads present in the user’s device. An interactive dashboard shows vital information like recent scanned visitors; total acquired leads, visitors marked to call immediately and leads labeled as a hot prospect helps stand holders to contact visitors after the event and other follow up actions.

With LeadPod, stand holders were able to quickly get information on visitors in real time, leading to better interaction. Operating cost of events or tradeshows reduced with the help of this application. Also, more leads could be converted due to better follow-up as a result of better registration of lead information and prospect questions.

Technologies Used

  • iOS
  • Android

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John Smith, Clinic Photo Mobility, Inc.
  • Converting user’s mobile device to a scanner.
  • Quickly retrieve visitor information
  • Register data notes & actions codes on the spot.
  • Easy follow up with the interactive dashboard


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