Mobile Healthcare Solution

A robust web and mobile healthcare solution to efficiently manage activities related to medical camps run by a hospital.

Monitor patient’s activities and improve treatment

Our US based client in the healthcare industry wanted to expand his services with a medical wellness program. This program helps healthcare providers to closely monitor patient activities and status while providing them with extensive support. A solution was designed to monitor and manage patient’s medical activities and streamline the counseling process that serves as a collaboration platform for doctors, nurses, patients, secretaries and administrators. The platform is used to register observations and treatment proposals in a mutual environment.

Surveys to analyze patient’s medical activities and risk

After logging in with a secure login code, patients fill out a survey as a first step to enroll in the program. The survey questionnaires can be tailor-made by the doctors with different formats like single selection, multiple selection, ‘Yes-No’ etc. The survey questions selected are based on criteria such as patient’s gender and age. The doctors can review patient’s survey details and determine their health risks indicated by ‘traffic lights’ red, yellow and green; meaning high, medium and low risk respectively.

Personalized objectives and prevention plan for patient

To keep patients interested, gamification is used. By completing daily challenges, patients are rewarded with incentive points. Game plans are automatically proposed, based on the survey results. Observers can register patient progress notes that can be emailed, printed or faxed. The web panel enables administrators to manage hospital sites, healthcare plans, and patient/family information, as well as review reports and analysis to aid in decision-making. The solution’s patient-sharing feature-with patient’s permission- allows registered healthcare organizations to share and transfer their details to appropriate healthcare organizations which saves time, resources, and overspending for the patient resulting in faster treatment.

The secure online portal has helped the client take the lead in prevention and healthcare programs and build their brand loyalty. It attracted a new audience of health conscious patients which has increased revenues while offering improved healthcare at a reduced cost.

Technologies Used

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John Smith, Clinic Photo Mobility, Inc.
  • Personalized prevention plan for each patient
  • Tailor made surveys to analyze activities and medical risk
  • Gamification to involve patients
  • Email/print/fax progress notes
  • Sharing patient details with authorized healthcare provider


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