Golfmate - Golf club management system

Golfmate helps track all aspects of smart golf course management such as managing tea time, tracking cart numbers, manage sales and inventory as well as event management.

Ready-made solution for golf course management

Golfmate is a cloud-based, fully responsive, secure application that is sold as a product. The intuitive interface is coupled with powerful features to manage all aspects of running a golf course. This includes management of the golf course as well as the supportingprocesses. The system also sends alerts and notifications. Integrating the management support in a single solution helps owners keep an eagle eye view of the golf course management operation.

Golf course management made easy

Golf course planners plan the availability and maintenance of the course. This includes full vendor and service management for maintaining the course. Various golf course activities like membership management, tea time pricing, booking & scheduling and starter activity management are supported. One can have a golf learning session from coaches scheduled and pay online for the course from the app. It is also possible to rent products from the POR section.

A Profitable End-to-End Solution

Golfmate enables efficient employee planning & scheduling as well as attendance registration. In addition, Golfmate supports various activities such as event management, catering and selling golf related items. The application has full e-store functionality, including product catalog and inventory management. Its in-built POS system helps to sell items where they are needed. All functionality can be managed from one easy to use management dashboard.

Golfmate helps to reduce the cost of overstaffing. Golfers perceive the increased reaction speed and availability of additional services as a quality enhancement. Clients also report that the solution is not only cost effective, bus also reduces business risk. Having an overview of the operations has shown to prevent errors such as forgetting tasks and double bookings. The ‘GolfMate’ solution has been proven to deliver a rewarding ROI.

GolfMate can be customized as per your needs. Contact our Sales Support to purchase this software or to obtain additional information.

Technologies Used

  • Asp.Net MVC

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  • Safe mobile cloud application, that is accessible from anywhere, anytime.
  • Full golf course management support
  • Additional functionality to improve profit
  • Easy sales with POI and Payment integration functionality.
  • Push notifications and alerts to customers for better engagement


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