Business website for Construction Consortium

User friendly WordPress website with corporate look and SEO plugin.

WordPress company website for construction consortium

Gewoon Gezond Wonen consortium enhances sustainable building. The consortium unites municipalities, housing corporations and project developers and facilitates these with products, techniques and other solutions for sustainable house building. For GGW we developed the corporate website.

Friendly and professional look and feel

The GGW corporate site is a friendly, open and informative WordPress site, that invites the user to read further, click to other pages and contact GGW. The website includes several social-media functions, that support sharing of articles and events as well as send mailings and newsletters. The site also support chatting with an employee.

Designed for daily use

The GGW website is designed for everyday use. The site is easy to maintain and can be managed by the client. Employees can add articles, events, news items and other information. The site contains plugins, that support the management of online visibility by client (SEO). GGW now has a website that is both professional and flexible.

Visitor comments are positive. They perceive the site to be friendly and accessible. Information can be found quickly and is easy to read. Gewoon Gezond Wonen has indicated that the website fully supports the core message they want to express: ‘develop together, without islands’, both visual and functional.

Technologies Used

  • WordPress

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  • Wordpress website with friendly and professional look
  • Easy to manage and maintain website
  • SEO optimization enabled
  • Chat feature for direct interaction


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