Mobile Torch Utility

Flashlight is an app that can turn your phone into a torch, with adjustable color, dim light, and strobe settings features.

Multipurpose flashlight for night reading and ambient illumination

FlashLight uses mobile phone's LED light as a torch and has several inbuilt options that make the application more useful. The app can not only be used as a bright torch, but also as a stroboscope for night reading without disturbing people around and to add some ambiance light on a special occasion.

Adjustable features can notify calls, messages or emails.

The Flashlight application also has a facility to set beaming of LED flashlight to alert the user at the time of receiving a call, a new message or an email. Flashlight includes adjustable settings like an image, background color, brightness, and flash frequency.

Alert feature can be vital to ask for help when in danger.

Users can adjust the brightness of the device’s LED light using a built-in slider function, helping them to see in the dark or a place with less light. Flashlight also serves as a lifesaving application as it includes an SOS and strobe setting that alerts others by blinking the light continuously if the user is in danger.

The client was able to attract many users to download the application due to its user-friendly interface and easy to use features. Our client was able to generate some extra income from this paid application.

Technologies Used

  • Android

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  • Dimmable and multi-color light
  • SOS and strobe settings
  • Set flash light for alerts and notifications


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