Finger Drawing – Artistic Skills Enhancing App

An application that helps kids build and express their artistic abilities by drawing with their fingers.

A creative solution to boost artistic skills in kids

Finger Drawing is an iPad application which helps kids boost and demonstrate their artistic abilities by drawing with their fingers. They can also use 'Shapers' as a part of the app that includes the impression of a ladyfinger and a footprint.

Unlimited shapes, colors, and sizes to experiment with

The application interface is designed simply for ease of use. To draw, kids have to just touch and drag shapes of different sizes. They can rotate, expand and minimize, tap and reposition or delete the forms. The application consists of a marker pen with varying sizes of stroke and colors, useful to add details to the art. The tool offers kids with an unlimited choice of colors on the mega palette, and unlimited undo/redo for the shapes.

The art created can be saved and shared

The application enables parents to save their kid’s work and also share finished works of art on Facebook or as an attachment to emails. This helps you collect all the artwork and encourage highly creative kids to pursue arts more passionately as an adult.

Parents and kids were attracted to this fun and artistic skill building application and purchased it from the app store. Parents gave positive feedback as they were happy for their kids creating art than just watching videos or playing games. Finger Drawing increased the revenue for our client.

Technologies Used

  • iOS

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  • Fun and artistic skill building application.
  • Experiment with unlimited features and adjustments
  • Save & share work on Facebook or email.


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