Fingers Count

An iOS application that helps to improve children’s numerical reasoning and understanding.

An innovative solution to sharpen mathematical ability

Fingers count is a free interactive iOS gaming application for kids, designed to sharpen their mathematical abilities. This educational app introduces a whole new and exciting way for toddlers to learn numbers, count and add/subtract. The application is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Kids learn counting while having fun

The application comes with 2 mini games. The first game ‘Count your fingers’ requires the child to place his fingers on the screen and the application displays the number of fingers placed with animations and sound. For instance, based on a number of fingers placed, the same number of balloons will fly from the bottom of the screen and the number of balloons is mentioned. The child can then put the same number of fingers to make those balloons pop, hence practice counting in a playful manner.

Animated approach makes learning addition/subtraction easy

The other game: ‘Sum up your fingers’, brings in an entertaining way to sharpen kid’s numerical skills. For this, they touch the circles shown and place the number of fingers that they want to add or subtract. If they choose ‘add’ then all balloons will move to one side displaying the total. If they perform ‘subtract’ however, darts will appear that burst the subtracted balloons. The application makes calculation learning an easy process.Feedback from parents showed that kids really enjoy the app and that it helped them to teach their children the basics of numerical reasoning and understanding in a playful manner.

For our client the application served as a showcase for their other services. It contributed greatly to their brand image. The client awarded us with several other projects for that reason.

Technologies Used

  • iOS

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  • Fingers counting through multi-touch feature
  • Eye-catching animation and clear sound
  • Child friendly and easy to use app
  • Completely free app without any in-app purchases


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