Esprit Automation

Responsive WordPress website and an attractive landing page for a leading manufacturer of CNC plasma cutting machines.

Cutting edge technology

Our client is a leading manufacturer of plasma and flame edge cutting machines from the United Kingdom. Our client was in need of a responsive business website for showcasing their products like cutting machines, CAD/CAM system for plasma cutting.

What you see is what you get

The website uses embedded videos to help visitors better understand the company’s products. Visitors can easily download product brochures for the showcased products for more details.

Design and technology combined

For marketing purposes, an attractive landing page was designed. The combination of creative passion and clever use of the latest technologies led to a beautiful and clean WordPress website.

With the responsive website showcasing all their products, our client increased their online presence. The attractive landing page helped raise the percentage of visitors that applied for machine demonstrations, which in turn increased annual sales.

Technologies Used

  • WordPress

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  • Responsive products showcasing website
  • Attractive and effective landing page
  • Easy brochure download feature


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