Eckey - Bluetooth Enabled Access Control System

Mobile application that functions as a key to access Internet of Things devices for a client who manufactures and markets mobile access control systems and components.

Your phone becomes a key to the Internet of Things

We designed an iOS application that serves as a secure, convenient and affordable way to connect any device to the Internet of Things (IoT) by using a phone as a key to the network. The VIZpin application is Bluetooth integrated. The app helps to control devices and make settings from a mobile phone. We use our client’s existing system in our VIZpin application for improved user experience.

Secure, time based access for authorized people

To use the VIZpin application, users log in with their unlock code, search for available devices and manage and change relevant settings of these devices from their mobile phone. With this application, our client can maintain a temporary user credential that allows authorized users to access a facility, based on a schedule determined by the site administrator.

Easy access management and registration

Through the application, users can register on the website, view upcoming VIZpin info and facility status, send a request that starts the discoverable mode for the phone and reports the attempt to unlock on the VIZpin website. Users can easily monitor all the activity and can see audit trail activity from their readers even if they are in different locations. The Bluetooth-based iOS mobile application is an improved and comprehensive solution, allowing users easy and secure access and manage their compatible devices without going through a web management portal.

The enhanced user experience increases the speed of operations and streamlines the procedure through an upgraded interface with free single-tap arrangements. The client now has a fully functional and secure application that makes use of their old framework while providing their customers with a product that implements improved and reliable functions.

Technologies Used

  • Android

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  • User-friendly control of IoT devices from a mobile phone
  • Easy access management
  • Control multiple devices from a single login
  • Highly secure application


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