e5 – Online E-learningPlatform

e5 is a customizable e-learning platform for educational institutes, businesses and organizations to impart training and knowledge sharing.

Flexible and adjustable e-learning platform

e5 is a unique, tailor-made platform that can be designed to suit various needs. It is useful for educational institutes, businesses, and organizations that want to organize their e-learning systems effectively. For teachers, trainers, students, and employees, e5 is an interactive online tool with rich media support and multiple collaboration options.

Learn anywhere, any time

e5 can be accessed anytime from any location. Students can learn from audio and video lessons that they can follow at their own time and speed. They can rewind and forward the session as many times as required. As e5 is a cloud solution, newly uploaded content is immediately available. Students can ask questions, discuss and share information with their teachers.

Easy content management and collaboration

The platform has a content management system that facilitates the educators in updating content, tracking visitors, updating student records and managing schedules. Students can share interesting information with their fellow students, colleagues, team members and friends through social networks. It enables teachers in evaluating the progress of their students with evaluation tools like graphs, result lists, and reports.

e5 provides an opportunity to educational institutes to reach more students irrespective of their location. Companies can use it to instruct employees at any time and place and to distribute training programs worldwide. The easy-to-use inbuilt communication tools enhance the learning experience and make learning not only cost-effective but also more efficient, interactive and fun.

E5 is flexible and can be customized as per client’s unique requirements. Contact our Sales Support to purchase this software or to obtain additional information.

Technologies Used

  • Asp.Net MVC

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  • Learn anywhere, anytime with online programs and interactive tools.
  • Ask questions, share information and discuss content on the online collaboration platform.
  • Share knowledge with colleagues, team members, and friends through social networks.
  • CMS and administrative features make management a cinch.
  • Clear reporting of learners’ progress.


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