Chicago Emergency Services Locator Solution

An iOS mobile application that provides the citizens of Chicago with information about the nearest emergency services available.

Emergency service locator

Our US-based client, active in the software industry, provides mobile applications to government bodies for public benefit. Our client needed a mobile application to provide people in Chicago with information about the nearest emergency services available.

Chicago map integration for quick reach out

To fulfill our client’s needs, a native app was built on the iOS platform to help people to locate emergency services on the integrated map quickly. The app allows users to locate the nearest police department, firehouse or hospital on the Chicago map and find important information about the service. This information is kept up to date with a management dashboard.

Useful details at your fingertips

The application shows location details like phone numbers and building images for user convenience. It also facilitates users with features like search, get directions and one-touch call. The app gives its users additional peace of mind, knowing that they can locate the right resources during an emergency situation.

The application helped the Chicago government to reduce the work load from answering phone calls by 911 operators. Also, during times when 911 fails to respond, the app proved to be a helpful alternative to quickly locate emergency services and get in touch.

Technologies Used

  • iOS

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  • Chicago map integration for quick direction
  • Search and get in touch with the right parties
  • One touch call feature


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