Still Battling to Manage Your Sales Staff? Here’s a Solution, Why and how it can help you.

March 2019
Still Battling to Manage Your Sales Staff?

In the era before the technology was completely involved in the managing process of any enterprises, all the cycle of management required manual involvement. It seems quite hard to store data and to track daily activities manually.

You might think what things are done manually? Various tasks like maintaining files of all orders, assignments of employees, maintaining status of all previous and present employees, attendance marking of employees, travelling summary submission, new customer registration, new product catalogue and marketing all these are not hassle free tasks. Communication between the internal employees also lagged behind and cannot be linked properly.

A question might arise, what could be the possible solution for the industries where maintaining data is in bulk? Or what kind of application can help where industries need automization in their everyday necessary tasks?

Damson Technologies Private Limited from Ahmedabad India owns brand called CORSECA. They were facing similar challenges. An app is one such solution to replace manual tasks by technology in an effective way. An application for corseca helps to maintain records in a hassle free manner and is also useful for the backend team and employees to manage orders, data, tasks. An enterprise can also update product catalogue to the users. Thus helps employees to improve the services towards the clients. The application helps the channel partners to reduce the manual work and mistakes by giving orders directly to employees. Tracking the inventory and the orders also helps the enterprise to invade the market strategy and employees can also get the KPI of the particular month.

Is such an application helpful for an enterprise, then how is it useful? B2B orders will be maintained by a user in person or using auto email confirmation will continue to increase at a rapid pace as clients gain more decision making and direct purchase within the application. Location following is one such beneficial feature that is provided in corseca. The backend team can get followup of employee’s location and the users can also be connected through GPS and can get flexibility to look over the client’s location. At the point when employee’s status and work is concerned, backend team can get analysis of travelling summary of the employees and also to ease their travel cost issues.

What are the other features that can make corseca beneficial for a client?

To sum up this, I would like to say that if you are looking for a solution to manage your enterprise then choosing Activity solution will be the best solution. Technigents develop amazing & customized eCommerce ERP Solutions to help digitally and commercially, and will eventually give your enterprise a seamless solution to keep the production smooth. Corseca, is an eCommerce solution to organize the enterprise and helps you to achieve the milestone smoothly.