An app, giving a second opinion for your health!

April 2019
An app, giving a second opinion for your health!

What is the need of a health care app?

One of a medical practitioner at one of the most reputed hospitals approached us with an incredible idea, of having an online platform so as to help patients to obtain a second opinion from specialists of their choice irrespective of their location. Patients can consult specific remote experts, which can be from any part of the country.

Thanks, to the internet and mobile technologies that has started making our lives much simpler and easier. Innovations these days in mobile applications related to health have become a necessity to provide large scope for people.

What is the actual idea behind creating such an app? What all advantages such an app can provide?

It’s basically, to provide health care opinions. People can consult various medical practitioners so as to choose the best for their treatments. Following advantages can be noted:

By this, doctors can offer their services to a much larger audience.

How it works?

The communication between the user and the doctor is made flawless by this app.

Second Opinion For Your Health - Img

The platform is helpful as user can select & consult the best suited specialist for a second opinion from all over the country. This is done at relatively low cost and without the need to travel.

However, for specialist doctors it acts as an additional source of income. They get access to a larger group of patients that require their specific expertise, and can give consults from a location of their choice at a time that suits them best. We delivered them a complete final product and they are very content with it. If you have any different ideas and planning to implement, let us know we can help to make your dream come true. Any idea is possible to come alive with us. You can find more about us at