Our Team


At TECHNIGENT, we have a team of 100+ IT professionals working towards the success of our clients. Our team comprises of highly qualified and experienced certified experts with diverse technology skills and domain expertise. We have a bunch of result-oriented professionals who work relentlessly towards building innovative solutions aimed to achieve business growth.

This is how our teamwork works

We have a complete range of CFT (Cross-functional team) having expertise on varied technologies. Our competency lies in how we shrink and expand our team in terms of levels of CFT as well as number of resources to match your cost, quality and timeline expectations. We work on various business models as per your unique business requirements.

  • Our consultants will work with you to understand your objectives and long-term business plan.
  • Business analysts and system architects work with you and build a roadmap that defines the route of a working solution from ground-up.
  • Our certified experts will choose the right technologies to build an innovative solution.
  • Designers, developers and QA team will collaborate execute construction of uniquely defined solution.
  • Regular CFT meetings are arranged to drive the project in the right direction and keep track of the progress.
  • We scale teams and adopt a hybrid approach to manage cost, quality and time.

At TECHNIGENT, we know that software is not just a code.

This is why we have a complete team to strategize and develop a solution in a collaborative manner. We are more than just vendors; we work as your true technology partner by taking complete ownership of the project enabling our clients to exclusively focus on their business goals.

There are many IT vendors in the market who lack strategic development process which results into failure of projects hampering the growth of companies relying on IT services.

At TECHNIGENT, we work using defined processes and proven methodologies as well as expert resources to ensure successful implementation and deployment of a project.

Team TECHNIGENT understands that each project is unique and it requires strategic planning to successfully build comprehensive solutions. Hence, our project management and development methodologies are carefully designed to meet unique requirements of different projects.

We aim to become true technology partner helping our clients by building systems and processes that increase their business prosperity. We offer solutions that better suit their existing business processes.

The Hybrid Model

TECHNIGENT executes the hybrid model and employs onshore & offshore teams for faster development, smoother communication, and better cost-efficiency.

Our on-shore team will visit the site and will be available for communication, deployment and support. The visit will be paid by client.

Our off-shore team will execute the development process. Our focus is to provide you cost-efficient solution at right quality and right time.

Contact TECHNIGENT and get a software development team that leverages technology into your business to its full potential.

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