How do we do it?

At TECHNIGENT, our key objective is building an optimal solution.

We begin by assigning the right people and aligning the right technology for building the correct scalable solution.

We deliver high quality work by prioritizing tasks. The team then collaborates and works in a rapid, systematic manner. On a daily basis, we monitor our status, break down our development tasks, issues faced and risks involved. We then take the corrective actions deemed necessary and proceed further.

In order to deliver timely results, we take the agile project management approach embracing changes along the way while closely managing cost, time and scope.

Component Factory Model

We implement Component Factory Model to make sure that even your smallest requirement is provided with the right kind of solutions. We divide entire project into smaller components, and every component is produced individually with the main focus on core project elements. Every team member, including system architects, business analysts, testers, developers, and designers will take part in the development process.

This model makes sure that clients get the quality they want and helps us create the right software according to clients’ requirements. In this way we make sure that even the smallest requirements are fulfilled.

Development Approach

Agile Approach

Through the practice of Agile Development Methodology each day our CFT team discusses each and every point regarding the project on daily basis for keeping everybody in the loop. This ensures that risks and communication gaps, if any, are identified and managed effectively at an early stage. This leads to consistent and continuous development with regular client feedbacks. Starting with a thorough analysis of the requirements, we select the right combination of technologies, plan & execute development with right priorities.

Agile Development Methodology

With this approach we have achieved higher responsiveness by ensuring our clients receive timely update on the progress and all their requirements are met.

We have experienced project managers with responsibility for managing projects and handling related day-to-day activities. Our carefully crafted project management process enables the project manager to plan, control, manage and prioritize tasks.

With our agile process we can quickly take account of any change requests by the client.

Hybrid Approach

TECHNIGENT executes the hybrid model and employs onshore & offshore teams for faster development, smoother communication, and better cost-efficiency.

Our on-shore team will visit the site and will be available for communication, deployment and support.
The visit will be paid by client.

Our off-shore team will execute the development process. Our focus is to provide you cost-efficient solution at right quality and right time.

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