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Business Model

Hire Team

Hire a Developer

There is a significant difference when you choose to work with TECHNIGENT developer. You don’t just hire a developer at TECHNIGENT, you hire an entire team.

When you hire a single developer you get one-dimensional approach. You may get technically sound solution from a developer but not a complete business solution.

At TECHNIGENT, we believe a project requires multi-dimensional approach. And hence, our developers are backed by an entire team of project managers, system architects, DB experts, developers, graphic designers and QA experts, having knowledge and expertise on multiple technologies

At TECHNIGENT, we have onshore and offshore teams to ensure faster development with multi-level collaboration. Each project has a complete hierarchy of dedicated experts for timely and effective solution delivery.

Product Development

Product Development

At TECHNIGENT, we have the domain as well as technology expertise to convert your idea into a solution.

With our agile, iterative project management & development methodology we discover, develop and deploy the product idea with the right tradeoff of cost, quality and timeline.

Not only this, we can act as you technology partner or IT extension to your current team for successful project launches.

IT Partner


IT Partner

TECHNIGENT takes end-to-end responsibility of every project, from requirement gathering and design to implementation and support. Your role as a client is simply to provide us with your requirements.

In return, we provide you with right quality solution at right cost and right time. Our responsibility is to understand, design, develop, test and deploy your product and provide you with complete support to ensure its ongoing success.

Our Working Process

Roadmap/Blue Print creation

  • On the very initial stage, our team will create a road map for the entire project development.
  • This road map shall act as a blue print for the complete development cycle.
  • During this stage, our team shall make regular meetings with you/your team to thoroughly discuss and finalize the features that need to be included.
  • An approximate high level estimation of timeline and cost shall also be provided on the basis of the features.
  • Our team shall also research & suggest any feature that might enhance the project.

Prioritize feature phase wise

  • After finalizing the list of features and getting your approval regarding the same, we can
  • Prioritize the development of the features into various development phases.
  • During this stage, an in-depth and detailed feature listing is done along with the necessary document work. (Feature documents, Scope of Work, Proposals, etc.)
  • Any necessary changes on feature detailing, that needs to be done will be done during this stage of development.

Hire a team on monthly basis/Fixed Cost Model

  • Based on scope of work, development model can be decided either hiring a team or fixed cost model. While hiring a team model will ensure that client remains on top of the development process and will provide flexibility to add run time product enhancement and fixed cost model ensures the listed numbers of feature development in prescribe timeline within a fixed cost.
  • We shall be providing you daily/weekly updates on the development progress of r product and will complete the development in define timeline (defined during prioritize feature).
  • Client will also have access to project management portal , which can used to track daily work progress
  • These updates will include a QA site which client can check from his/her end to see how the work is done.

Communication Model with client during App/product development

  • Client is supposed to appoint a dedicated person as point of contact, who will be primary face for TECHNIGENT and will be coordinating with Account Manager (appointed by TECHNIGENT) and will be actively involved and accountable for requirement elicitations, requirement confirmation and Milestone’s approval
  • Primary mediums of communication will be as follows for entire implementation period
  • In-Person Meeting
  • Email
  • Web conferencing tool(G2M)
  • Phone
  • Client will be responsible to clearly state requirements and approve/confirm the requirements before initiation of development.
  • TECHNIGENT team will provide document to client to approve/confirm the requirements and will develop the wireframes based on approved/confirmed requirement
  • Client will review and approve the wireframes , TECHNIGENT will developed the App based on approved requirements and wireframes
  • Client will also be able track daily/weekly progress through our project management portal along with weekly meetings with key team members
  • Client will review the development and will sign off milestone completion note on completion of each milestone
  • On client sign off on all milestone completion notes TECHNIGENT will be deploying, Apps web panel (if required) on client provided hosting server
  • TECHNIGENT will be providing user training (if needed, one session) to client’s staff to train users
  • TECHNIGENT will be providing other session of training (follow-up) to review users progress of using system
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