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3Application Testing Services

Flawless execution of a solution with the right speed is the key towards success of any project.

With the introduction of various platforms like mobile, web and desktops, it has become imperative to ensure that your application performs seamlessly across all platforms.

Technigent provides high-quality application testing services and gives utmost importance to quality assurance.

Being a front-runner web, software and mobile app testing company, we work towards achieving the highest levels of quality with an integrated process that simultaneously tests each module unit along with its development cycle.

Our multi-dimensional and micro-level processes during various development stages perform automated and manual quality assurance tests. Our testing strategy is crafted as per the unique demand and platform of the project.

Web Application Testing

We combine automated and manual testing processes to check whether your web application functioning is as per the requirements and bug-free. We check the entire system including the logic to identify the potential weaknesses of the system and risks involved. Then after, we perform a detailed testing of the application. We check the application for browser compatibility, functionality, performance, coding, quality, load etc. With our comprehensive testing process we ensure high quality and optimum performance for your system.

Mobile Application Testing

We evaluate your mobile application mainly for its functionality, usability, stability, screen resolution, functioning of native functionalities like GPS, incoming/outgoing calls, SMS/MMS, camera features, etc. and performance. We perform a 360 degree evaluation of your mobile application with a unique mobile strategy for each application as per its functionalities.

Cloud Application Testing

Cloud application testing includes testing of hardware, software and infrastructure of your cloud applications. In order to retain its benefits, we run the cloud application under crucial tests like performance testing, load testing, stress testing, security testing and browser testing. Furthermore, the application is also checked for third party dependencies, browser compatibility and post-deployment application response as well.

We use standard QA methods and tools for precision. We practice white box and black box testing as needed, making use of various tools for GUI, load, performance, browser-compatibility, regression and integration testing.

As per the requirement of the project, we implement testing models. Our multi-dimensional and micro-level testing process includes:

Design & Conceptual Testing

We check the design for cross browser compatibility, web standards, accessibility and device compatibility.

Functional Testing

We perform this testing at development level to check if the solution is being developed as per client requirements and bugs (if any) can be fixed right away.

Regression Testing

We perform regression testing to avoid any case of incompatibility between the new and old feature. We check if the system runs flawless even after the introduction of new features.

Integration Testing

We use standard testing methodologies like Sandwich testing and Big Bang testing while performing integration testing. Under this testing process, we check if your system works perfectly while integrating with other systems. We also check and resolve any internal conflict within the system as well as the compatibility of coding components.

User acceptance Testing

Through this testing process we ensure that your system is user-friendly with intuitive features and navigation. We also make sure if the system is easily usable by the users.

Scalability & Performance Testing

Technology is changing faster. Your system, however feature-rich today it may seem; will soon require changes. And that is what we check here. We test if your system is scalable enough to accommodate new changes in future. Not just that, we also check if the system performance is up-to-the-mark. From the initial stages of development, we conduct performance testing to see how the system responds to various situations, what the response time is and how to improve it. Our engineers will consider important parameters like load, stress and reliability of the system to validate its performance and dependency.

Security Testing

Under our security testing process we test if your system is able to stand against any security risks like information leakage or hacking. Technigent team is adept in analyzing security threats and vulnerabilities that your system may encounter.

With every step we take towards providing high-quality solutions, we strive to become your trusted software application testing company.

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