Education Online, Anytime, Anywhere

Give Freedom to Learners to Study at Your Their Pace & at Their Own Time

Knowledge-Sharing Made Easy

Share Information Easily with Colleagues through Social Networks

Decrease Your Operational Costs

Switch to E5 and Save Time & Cost Spent on Training Sessions

Preserve & Manage Volumes of Knowledge Online

Content Management System & Content Sharing Abilities for Convenience of Learners

Common Platform for Educators & Learners

Learn from the Experts; Discuss Your Queries & Get the Best Opinion

  • Secure Secure
  • Scalable & robust Scalable & robust
  • Customizable as per your needs Customizable
  • User-friendly User-friendly
  • Mobile compatible Mobile compatible
  • Easy integration Easy integration with existing systems
  • Dedicated account manager Dedicated account manager
  • Training Training
  • On-site Deployment On-site Deployment

TECHNIGENT has its own proprietary eLearning platform, E5. E5 is a flexible platform that can be tailored as per the client’s unique needs. It does not only target educational institutes but businesses and organizations can as well use the system to impart training and share knowledge.

E5 is for every business or organization in need of leveraging their learning material in an effective way. Online accessibility, rich media support and collaboration makes E5 an interactive platform for learners and educators.

With E5, you receive 5 benefits that enhance the learning process:

EducatE – Education offered anywhere, anytime online with audio-visual effects and interactive tools rewind/forward the session and play as many times as they want.

CommunicatE – Share knowledge with colleagues, team members and friends through social networks.

CollaboratE – A common platform for educators and participants to ask questions, share information and discuss.

EvaluatE – – Educators can evaluate the progress of participants. Evaluation tools like graphs, list of results and reports are made available to them.

ManagE – CMS and administrative features like updating content, tracking visitors, updating student records and managing schedules makes management a cinch.

Unique Features of E5

Tailor MadeTailor

E5 can be completely customized as per the requirements of any individual organization.

Increased ReachIncreased

E5 is an online platform which facilitates learners to access material from any geographical location. Not only can they take education within their suitable time but also take quiz and collaborate with mentors/teachers anytime. This helps increase reach.

Increased ProductivityIncreased

E5 helps improve productivity as it saves time the resource would consume in training sessions conventionally. E5 being consistently available to the employees, they can take training at their own convenience without spending productive hours.

Reduced Operational OverheadsReduced
Operational Overheads

Online accessibility makes the platform cost efficient as it saves costs incurred on arranging the training, commute etc.


Content can be managed easily from backend administrative panel. Being available digitally, new content is immediately available to the audience.


The platform is mobile compatible and hence it’s more approachable and easily available to the audience.

Contact TECHNIGENT and learn how E5 can transform learning in your organization.

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