Business Model

Technology Partnership

In this model, we become your technology extension. Depending on the nature of your business not only do we suggest you the right combination of technology but also take complete charge of leveraging technology into your business as well as provide complete support upon deploying the solution.

Through our tailored technology solutions we align people, processes and systems to achieve increased productivity and business efficiency.

Dedicated Offshore Development Center (DODC)

Make TECHNIGENT your DODC and get the best of both worlds:

  • Get an extension to your onshore team.
  • Hire dedicated team that takes complete responsibility of your project.
  • Take advantage of both onshore and offshore development.


  • Takes Complete Ownership: We take end-to-end responsibility of the project, take its complete ownership and treat it as ours, and not just code
  • Uses Diverse and Latest Technology: We use the right technologies and deploy responsive teams with expertise on diverse technologies, and not just one technology
  • Works to Ensure Success: We work on business objectives, goals and vision, and not just on software features, to cater to your unique requirements
  • Takes Multi-dimensional Development Approach: We provide experienced and responsive CFT teams for your technology needs, and not just a single developer
  • Builds Long-term Partnership: We provide solutions from design, development, delivery to maintenance, creating a long-lasting relationship and not just acting as a vendor
  • Enables Focus on Business: We help businesses to focus on their goals, while we offer stress-free IT solutions deployments
  • Aligns People, Processes and Systems: We deliver quality solutions with perfect combination of responsive team, automated processes and right technology

Product Partnership

Through our Product Partnership model, we work with you to conceptualize your idea into a complete product. Talk to us about your idea and we can help you elaborate it.

At TECHNIGENT, we have the domain as well as the technology expertise to turn your idea or business bottleneck or requirement of a team into a solution.

With our agile, iterative project management and development methodology we discover, develop and deploy your product idea, within stipulated cost and timeline, by maintaining the quality standards. Our agile scrum development method ensures continuous review and feedback, regular scrum meetings and sharing updates to enable changes.

We can also act as your technology partner or provide an IT extension to your current team for successful projects launch through our dedicated offshore development center (DODC).

Fixed Resource Model (Hire A Team)

You don’t just hire a developer from Technigent, but you hire an entire team!

Build your dedicated team of expert designers and developers from our pool of certified, experienced and talented professionals. We have experts from varied technology faculties.

TECHNIGENT Differentiator:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Reduced overheads
  • Complete CFT team offering 360° Development
  • Reduced Staffing Overhead
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Multi-dimensional approach

Single Dimensional Approach

  • A developer with a single dimensional approach
  • Focus on just building the code rather than a business solution as a whole

Multi-Dimensional Approach

  • A team consisting of project managers, system architects, DB experts, developers, graphic designers and QA experts having knowledge and expertise in multiple technologies.
  • Focus on deploying the right technology to get powerful business solutions.

Fixed Cost Model

Build your team at a fixed cost. Discuss your project with the team with detailed specifications based on which the team will ascertain fixed cost and time frame of development.

Hybrid (Fixed Resource + Cost)

Handpick your own team and get full control of the project. Get benefit of cost, quality and flexibility. Discuss your requirements and our experts will evaluate the obligatory resources and cost to fulfil them.

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