Who We Are

TECHNIGENT is a leading IT solutions provider with offices across the globe, in existence since more than 8 years now. With an expertise in delivering end-to-end Cloud-based solutions, we have successfully developed robust web and mobile applications. We have rich experience of catering to varied sized businesses, from start-ups and SMEs to Fortune 500s.

We bring superior technology experience to you as per your precise needs; be it a new idea or a business bottleneck holding you back or a technology team requirement to achieve your business goals.

Our Technologies







Our Solutions

  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Automation
  • Enterprise Content Management System
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • E-commerce
  • E-learning
  • Portals & Vortals
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Unified Billing Solutions
  • Document Management System
  • Collaboration Solutions
  • Communication Solutions
  • Multimedia & Graphics
  • Gaming & Entertainment solution
  • Event Management Solution
  • Ticketing Solution

Industries Served

Commercial Services
Commercial Services
Public Services
Public Services
Real Estate/Realty
Real Estate/Realty
Information Technology
Information Technology

Our Team

TECHNIGENT brings together reactive and versatile CFT teams of 100+ people, building innovative solutions for a business to achieve growth.

100+ IT Professionals
100+ IT
Qualified & Experienced Team
Qualified &
Experienced Team
Diverse Technology Skills
Technology Skills
Domain Expertise
Result-Driven Approach

How We Work?

We scale our cross-functional teams (CFTs) according to your budget, ensuring quality solutions within the expected delivery time. We work on various business models as per your project’s needs and requirements.

  • Our consultants will work with you to understand your business objectives, vision and long-term plan and recommend the right technology and solution.
  • Our business analysts and system architects will work with you in building a roadmap defining the route to developing a working solution from the scratch.
  • Our certified experts will use appropriate technologies to build comprehensive IT solutions.
  • Our designers, developers and QAs will collaborate with each other and execute their tasks through proper co-ordination, delivering the best-fit business solution.
  • Regular CFT meetings are arranged to drive the project in the right direction and keep a track of its progress.
  • We ensure flexibility in our team and adopt a hybrid approach to provide cost-effective and high-quality solutions to meet your demands and timelines. We deliver solutions with perfect combination of responsive team, automated processes and appropriate technology.

Hybrid Approach

TECHNIGENT has both onshore & offshore teams to give you benefits of both the worlds, and encouraging faster development, smoother communication, and better cost-efficiency.

Our on-shore team will visit your site and remain available for seamless communication, deployment and support.

Our off-shore team will execute the development process. Our focus is to provide you cost-efficient, quality solutions within the stipulated time frame.

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Development Methodology

TECHNIGENT’s development methodology is designed to reduce project risks
leading to timely development. This also results in quality solutions
ensuring increased customer retention and satisfaction.

We understand your precise business needs, tailor our processes
based on that and adopt methodologies suit your unique requirements.

Development Methodology

You have a
project plan

We will take complete
ownership of the project
from design to

You come up
with an idea

We convert your one-liner idea
into a roadmap and execution
plan for its implementation
using the best-fit

You have a
business bottleneck

We automate your processes to improve
efficiency & performance

You require
a development team

We work as an extension to your team, thus ensuring enhanced productivity

Project Management Methodology

Component Factory Model

We deliver high quality work by prioritizing tasks. The team then collaborates and works in a rapid, systematic manner. On daily basis, we monitor our status, and break down our development tasks, issues faced and risks involved. We then take corrective actions deemed necessary and proceed further.

Development Approach

Agile Approach

We take the agile & scrum software development approach embracing changes along the way, while closely managing cost, time and scope. We practice agile project management using scrum methodology, enabling clients to collaborate with our team and provide feedback and reviews during each iteration, ensuring high-quality development.

Each day we hold cross-functional team meetings to discuss all points regarding the project, keeping the clients and stakeholders in the loop. Consecutively, risks and communication gaps if any are identified and managed effectively at an early stage leading to continuous and consistent development. After making thorough analysis of the requirements, our agile development team selects the right combination of technologies, and plan and execute development process based on priorities.

Agile Development Methodology

Our Strength

Performing Consistent Research & DevelopmentLeveraging

We practice knowledge sharing and implement new technologies into the projects for you to get utmost advantage of technology in their business.

Long-term PartnershipLong-term

We make sure that we support you throughout your software development journey from design, development, delivery to maintenance, ensuring end-to-end responsibility of the project and creating a long-lasting relationship.

Delivering Complete Business SolutionsDelivering Complete
Business Solutions

We focus on providing you solutions as per your business needs and objectives and not just code.

Store Documents On-the-GoEnsuring
Customer Satisfaction

We build reliable solutions that meet your current business objectives and support your future business needs, goals and vision, keeping you updated about the project’s progress at every stage and ensuring stress-free IT solutions deployments.

Experienced & Certified Team<Choosing the Right
Technical Team

Our technologically certified and responsive cross-functional teams consist of experts with broad technology skills brought together under a roof. We ensure seamless collaboration and communication to provide high-end solutions to our clients.

Store Documents On-the-GoGiving
Prompt Response

We are your true technology partner. We offer prompt response during the project to drive, develop and deliver turnkey solutions. We also ensure reliable customer service post-deployment.

Store Documents On-the-GoAligning People,
Processes and Systems

We deliver quality solutions with perfect combination of responsive team, automated processes and appropriate technology.

Our Vision

TECHNIGENT was created with a vision to help businesses realize their true potential

We become your preferred technology partner and enable you to focus on achieving your business goals by taking complete ownership of the project in the technology front.

We aim to provide precise business solutions through our responsive and experienced team by leveraging right technologies, proven techniques and methodical processes. We help you in saving your costs and valuable time by automating your system and simplifying your business processes.

Our strength lies in providing technical partnership to IT companies so that they can focus on their core expertise. We offer them support through our diverse technical skills, delivering complete solutions to their end-clients.

Business Model

Store Documents On-the-Go Technology

Partner with us and make Technigent your Dedicated Offshore Development Center (DODC).

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Store Documents On-the-Go Product

We nurture your idea and grow it into a complete product for you. From idea conceptualization till its launch – We do it all for you.

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Store Documents On-the-Go Fixed Resource

Don’t just hire a developer; get advantage of an entire team at the cost of a single developer.

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Store Documents On-the-Go Fixed

Choose this model for your clear, well-defined and precise requirements.

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Store Documents On-the-Go Hybrid (Fixed
Resource + Cost)

Get advantage of cost, quality and time with this model where you fulfill your precise requirements with a fixed team.

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Channel Partnership

While catering to the IT needs of your clients, you might have come across a requirement which may be beyond your expertise in technologies, domains, solutions or even set of services. We extend to you suitable partnership model during that time!

TECHNIGENT has entered into channel partnerships with many businesses to help them realize their goals and deliver more enhanced working solutions. This has resulted in increased financial benefits, and long-term and mutual growth between the partnering companies.

What do we offer?

  • Product tie-ups – We can help you promote and sell your products on your behalf. Likewise, we share our product line with you to market them on our behalf.
  • Service tie-ups – We can complement your IT business with varied services other than your forte.
  • Startup tie-ups – We can help your startup grow with right IT consultation and implementation within your specified budget.
  • Business tie-ups – We help you analyze your current business processes with our technology consultation as well as offer automation capabilities using the right technology.

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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.

We, as company as well as employees, sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and other legal contracts, if required, to ensure that the secrecy of your proprietary information is maintained.

Our employees sign confidentiality agreement which restricts them from sharing any information about your project, your confidential data, and your clientele.

We have the required security infrastructure and abide by the norms to safeguard your information from getting hacked or against any security breach.